General conditions

1) The bicycle will be rented upon prior telephone or electronic booking and will be delivered to the Customer in the Municipality and at the point indicated by the same at the time of booking. Upon delivery, the Customer and the Lessor will check the functionality and condition of the bicycle itself.

2) To obtain the rental of a bicycle, the user must present a driving license or a valid identity document, these documents will be retained by the manager until the end of the rental. For minors under the age of 18, the contract must be signed by the person exercising the authority who assumes all obligations.

3) The Lessor may refuse the rental to people in a state of intoxication, under the influence of drugs or for other reasons at the sole discretion of the same.

4) The rental is allowed every day of the year, including holidays, according to the current timetables, for a minimum of 1 day and at the payment rates indicated in the price list. By rental day we mean 24 hours from the delivery time.

5) The rental is paid in advance, without prejudice to any adjustments in case of delay in delivery or in case of damages, total or partial theft.

6) In addition to the rental price, upon signing the contract, the Customer will pay a deposit with pre-authorized debit on the credit card of € 300 for the electric bike / MTB, € 250 for muscle MTBs, € 150 for the ebike fold , to guarantee any ascertained damage to the bicycle. This sum will be refunded upon return after checking the integrity of the rented bicycle. In case of ascertained damages, the aforementioned sum will be retained by the Lessor, without prejudice in any case to the right to compensation for greater damage. The credit card is required as a guarantee and Shardana PSA srl is authorized to charge the repair costs for any damage caused to the bicycle during the rental period, unless it can be demonstrated that the damage is due to a fault in the bicycle. bicycle, in which case you will be entitled to a refund of the rental fee.

7) In case of ascertained breakage and / or loss of the accessories supplied with the rented bicycle or of any of its components, the customer must pay, by way of compensation for damages, the corresponding costs as indicated in the Costs table for any breakage or loss + commercial value list and repairs in force for other components that are not indicated here.

8) It is forbidden to use the bicycle to carry out commercial activities and it can be transferred for use to other parties.

Children can be transported by an adult over the age of 18 using the appropriate child seat.

9) Any form of tampering with the bicycle and / or parts of it and / or its accessories is expressly prohibited.

10) During the rental, the Customer does not have any form of personal insurance and neither is the bicycle covered by RC insurance.

11) The Customer is obliged to respect the rules of the highway code and to observe the general principles of prudence, diligence and respect for the rights of others. The use of a helmet is strongly recommended to the Client / Renter.

12) The Customer is responsible for the bicycle until it is returned to the Lessor; is also responsible for damage caused to himself, to the bicycle, to third parties and things during the use of the vehicle. The Lessor cannot be asked for any form of compensation and is exempt from liability for such damages.

13) The Customer undertakes to release the Lessor from any administrative violation detected during the use of the rented bicycle for infringements of the highway code.

14) During the rental, the Customer is the custodian of both the bicycle and its accessories and, consequently, is required to keep them with the diligence of a good family man.

15) The rental bike is equipped with a lock and the Lessor has informed the Client / Renter how to safely tie it to the bike in case of a stop.

16) In case of theft of the bicycle, the Customer must present to the Lessor, within 12 hours, a copy of the theft report presented to the competent Authorities and pay, as a guarantee, the sum of € 3,000 for the electric bike / MTB; € 1.000 for the muscle bike / MTB, € 1800 for the FOLD electric bike, otherwise the sum will be collected by the Lessor, owner of the same.

Same costs will be charged in case of heavy damages.

17) In the event of a puncture, the customer is required to pay the price of the repair kit of € 7.00.

18) The Customer may ask the Lessor for an intervention to collect the bicycle, the cost of which is established according to the signed price list; the Lessor is not required to intervene, therefore failure to intervene cannot be the cause of contractual breach. It is in the Lessor’s interest to collect the bicycle, and only momentary contingencies can make the intervention impossible.

19) At the end of the rental, the Customer must return the bicycle to the Lessor in the place, at the date and time established at the time of signing the contract, the parking of the bicycle outside the rental point during the closing time. In case of delay in delivery, the Customer must notify the Lessor. In case of delay in the return, a penalty of € 20.00 will be applied to the Customer for each hour or fraction of an hour of delay.

20) The Court of Cagliari is exclusively competent for any dispute that may arise regarding this contract.

21) This contract is drawn up in Italian and in English. In the event of any discrepancy between the two texts, the Italian text will prevail

22) The Client / Tenant declares to have read, understood and accepted without reservation and for all legal purposes all the rules and provisions of this contract. For anything not mentioned in this regulation, the relationship between the Parties (contracting parties) is by the rules of the civil code.

23) In the case of groups of people who rent the bicycle together it is possible to have this contract signed by all the members of the group, however documents and data will be requested from each member of the group.

24) Terms and conditions of payment – a non-refundable deposit equal to 20% of the entire rental is required upon booking. The balance of the remaining 80% must be paid within 21 days from the start of the rental.

25) Cancellation and refunds – must be made in writing or by e-mail, with the following refund methods

100% refund within 14 days from the start of the rental excluding 20% ​​down payment

Within 7 days from the start of the rental 50% refund excluding 20% ​​advance

No refunds within 5 days

26) The conditions of delivery and redelivery of the vehicles are specifically identified in the contact, including the fee to be paid for delivery to places other than the remittance identified in Viale Giovanni Maria Orecchioni 197, Loc. Liscia di Vacca – Arzachena and in Via Sassari 3 in Cagliari.

27) Any repairs to be carried out on the spot where they occurred are to be quantified based on the emergency and the nature of the service. The customer can freely return, at his own expense, the vehicle to the agreed place without carrying out the repairs independently, with the exception of restoring the puncture which can be carried out independently by the customer.

28) In case of any key lost of lock, saddle, battery, batterycharger and bike the cost of the new key and a compensations of 50,00 € each will be charged. If will not be possible produce a new key will be charged a compensation same as the cost of the damage of the entire product.

29) For all costs/compensations Shardana PSA srl s authorized to use the credit card nr____________________________________________________

Headed to_________________________________________exp. date________________________

INFORMATION NOTE ON PRIVACY Consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 23 of the code regarding the protection of personal data (Legislative Decree 196/03 so-called “Privacy Code”) The collection of personal data and its processing will take place in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments (articles 13 and 14 of the 2016/679 EU Regulation GDPR). The data will not be disclosed to third parties and the modification or cancellation may be requested in writing at any time. The provision of personal data is necessary in order to access the rental and for the purposes related to the contract. These data may be used by Shardana PSA srl also in order to allow the competent authorities to forward complaints to the customer responsible for violation of the highway code or any law. The undersigned declare that they have read the above information and express their free and informed consent to the processing of their personal data.